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The experienced back pain specialists at CORE Physical Medicine in Edwardsville utilize a combination of manual adjustment techniques, alignment tools and other specialized methods to relieve pain, correct imbalances and help realign the spinal column. These chiropractic treatments correct and improve spinal flexibility while reducing interferences of the nervous system.

Chiropractic Treatments

At CORE Physical Medicine, our Edwardsville back pain relief specialists take advantage of a range of state-of-the-art manual adjustment treatments and alignment devices to achieve back pain relief. These include:

Clinic Biomechanics of Posture® (CBP)

Clinic Biomechanics of Posture® (CBP) consists of a series of posture correcting manual adjustments in conjunction with a traction device. This particular technique focuses on correcting the structure of the spine. At CORE Physical Medicine, our spine doctors are dedicated to providing pain relief while finding the underlying cause of the spinal condition and returning the spinal column back to a normal state. 

Benefits of CBP®

This treatment focuses on manual adjustments, which prevent spinal degeneration and improve the body’s weight distribution. When the vertebrae are correctly aligned, spinal nerve-related pain and musculoskeletal problems are no longer an issue. 

Misaligned vertebrae can cause many problems such as:

  • Digestive disorders
  • Foot conditions
  • Headaches
  • Imbalance
  • Joint Pain
  • Muscle tension
  • Osteoarthritis

Back Pain Relief

Utilizing the traction instrument also provides a force that corrects postural distortions. Improvements in pain and functionality are recorded throughout the course of the treatment. Patients can expect to see and feel the dramatic improvement in their spinal health and reduction in pain as they progress through this therapy.

Diversified Technique

After a spinal analysis and X-rays are taken (should they be necessary), the Diversified Technique consists of manual adjustments to relieve pain by correcting imbalances in the spine.

Characteristics of the Diversified Technique

Manual thrusts, also known as “pisiform contact,” are performed by the spine doctor as imbalances of the vertebral joints are detected. These manual manipulations involve a low amplitude movement to correct joint dysfunction and adjust the spine. 

The energy of this movement, or thrust, causes a “pop”, as the surface of the joint separates and releases gas and fluids. This is a natural effect, as there is decreased pressure inside the joint.

Pain Relief with Manual Adjustments

A patient’s range of motion and nervous system interferences are restored and corrected by the Diversified Technique. Patients often report pain relief, enhancement in movement, and an overall improvement in physical and mental well-being.

Activator Methods®

The spine doctors at CORE Physical Medicine utilize one of the most gentle, low force chiropractic instruments to achieve pain relief.

Pain Relief with the Activator Method

The goal of the Activator Method® is to gain optimal alignment, while relieving pain. This treatment is a series of joint manipulations performed by a hand-held instrument. Prior to the treatment, a spinal flexibility test of bends and turns is administered to determine subluxations. Leg length measurements are also taken to determine if this may be a cause of alignment issues, which can be easily corrected with the Thompson treatment. Once the subluxations are identified, the treatment may begin.

How does the Activator Method® work? 

The Activator Method is a handheld back pain relief instrument. This spring-loaded device yields a constant low force with a high-speed thrust motion. Adjustments are painless and effective because the body doesn’t tend to tighten in resistance.

Back Pain Relief Appointments

Patients may require additional sessions utilizing this method along with other adjustment treatments. A follow-up visit is required in order to check adjustment results, such as pain relief, as well as overall patient satisfaction. 

Thompson Technique for Back Pain Relief

The Thompson Technique is used for the reduction of back pain by properly aligning the whole spine. Dr. J. Clay Thompson designed a specialized medical table to aid in adjusting the entire spine.  

Adjustments with the Thompson Technique

Subluxations actually cause leg lengths to appear unequal. Early spine doctors used a device to compare leg lengths, as the patient turned his or her head sideways. This assessment helps to conclude whether a subluxation is present in a patient’s spine. If this abnormality is present, the spine doctor will perform manipulations to adjust the vertebra.

The Complete Thompson Technique 

Cushion drop pieces create this table, which are exerted downward with the weight of the body. A specific amount of weight and pressure on the joints will cause a segment of the table to drop, and to expose a subluxation in the spine that may cause a number of issues.

Choosing the Thompson Technique

This treatment has been used since 1995 and is now found in practices worldwide. Precise adjustments and pain relief are renowned characteristics of the Thompson Technique. If you are experiencing back pain, this treatment may be right for you. Please contact us for more information.

The Webster Technique

This non-surgical technique is designed for aiding in natural childbirth. Created by Larry Webster, D.C, the Webster Technique was developed to correctly position a baby in preparation for birth. 

As the due date draws closer, a baby will position his or herself downward in the uterus. During this procedure stress is alleviated from the pelvis area, by relaxing the uterus, and the surrounding ligaments, which allows the baby to naturally turn in the correct position. This treatment prevents a breech birth as well as a Caesarean.

Uterine constraint may occur if there is subluxation where the sacrum joins the pelvis. Sacral subluxation causes the pelvic muscles and ligaments to tighten and twist. The baby cannot comfortably assume the proper position if these muscles and ligaments are tense.

Webster Success

The Webster Technique reduces interference to the nervous system, improves pelvic balance and allows the baby to assume the optimal position for birth. There are minimal risks in this procedure as a 2002, summer issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reported an 82% success rate.

The Webster Approach Results

Occasionally, by using this technique, the baby will turn in the first session, but it is more common to have three to ten visits before the desired position is accomplished. Patients should expect to see results over several weeks.

Pettibon System

Dr. Burl Pettibon created the Pettibon System in response to a need for rehabilitation programs. Patients with extreme vertebral issues requiring more than an adjustment find their back pain relief in this program. 

Prior to the rehabilitation process, seated X-rays are taken. Seating the patient gives the spine doctor a clear image of the spinal column defects. A clear explanation of the X-rays will be presented for patient understanding.

The Pettibon Phases

The Pettibon System consists of three care phases. Each phase provides its own unique set of goals and specific home-care instructions to relieve pain and correct any abnormality in posture.

Phase 1- This care lasts between two and three weeks. Our spine doctor begins by identifying the cause of your aches and pains. To improve and accelerate your results, you are provided with an instructional home-care guide. 

Phase 2- If you desire long, lasting corrections, this care is designed for you. This rehabilitation therapy requires three appointments per week for at least three months. The time period all depends of the extent of damage received on the spine. With additional home-care instructions, this program will provide patients with exceptional results.

Phase 3- This stage of rehabilitation focuses on maintain and enhancing postural correction, along with muscle strength and endurance. Visits are generally reduced in this phase of the program.  

Permanent Results with Pettibon 

Long term positive results in pain relief and posture will be seen and felt, but this requires us to work as a team. Patients that complete their home-care sessions and come in for additional treatment will definitely benefit and notice improvements.

Not your typical chiropractor

These and other pain relief treatments, such as laser therapy, massage and rehabilitation therapies make us more than just a chiropractic care center—we are a pain relief and wellness facility. Even if you've been unsatisfied with chiropractors in the past - give CORE Physical Medicine a try today!


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